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Simple Yoga Exercises to Soothe Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety. We have all been there. It is an unfortunate and increasingly prevalent part of our modern life. Anxiety like many things exists on a spectrum from the fleeting knot in your stomach when your boss says, “come in, close the door, sit down”, to more chronic debilitating anxieties that require serious medical intervention. Fortunately there are an incredible number of resources to help to return to a more relaxed physical, emotional and mental space.

One of the tools gaining traction for alleviating some anxiety symptoms is yoga. Yoga is an incredibly diverse practice, and is more than twisting into a human pretzel. In fact there are a number of gentle movements and postures that are accessible to almost anyone, and can even be done in bed! Please note that anyone starting a yoga practice for the first time should check with their doctor to ensure it is appropriate for them and any health conditions.

Below is the link to an article originally written for Metro UK, in which I was a contributing voice.

If you or someone you know needs help please reach out, you are not alone, you are worth fighting for, you are loved. Check out the World Health Organization and Canadian Mental Health Association for more.

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